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  Foshan Nanhai District Woya Clothing Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale enterprise integrating professional design, production and sales of underwear From}} to 2020, during this 20, our company has been awarded many honorary titles such as "Quality, Integrity, and Reassuring Unit"! Our company specializes in the production of various types of ordinary underwear, adjustable (sculpting) bodysuits, fast fashion series underwear, popular thin cup underwear (dimensional type), foreign fashion underwear, French underwear, sexy underwear, swimwear, home wear, and other All kinds of men's and ladies' clothing, etc. The company has accumulated many years of OEM and domestic first-line and second-line well-known underwear brands and major import and export traders to the sample and sample large orders commissioned design and production capacity and experience. The company was established in 2000 years. It has a modern factory building covering an area of 15000 square meters, with a modern factory building covering an area of more than 45000 square meters, and has a garden-like industrial park and living area . Now the company has more than 400 employees, has 25 standard underwear production lines, has the world's advanced sewing equipment and product research and development center, and fully implements a systematic management model.

  Foshan Nanhai District Woya Clothing Co., Ltd. has been committed to underwear design, development and production as a modern enterprise, and strives to provide women with high-quality Products, to undertake custom-made contract work, package materials, package design style OEM production (ODM) and sample, incoming materials, incoming payment (OEM) and other orders business. Strictly adopt the new standards and management of the international underwear industry, and the company has also passed the BSCI international certification.

  Underwear factory production (OEM / Body OEM / Underwear ODM) The main types are:

  Body shaping body underwear series (beauty body line, body management system line, body shaping line adjustment)

  Fast fashion underwear series (medium and high-end chain brands, micro-commerce, e-commerce, live broadcast platform)

  FOB foreign trade orders (European style, swimwear, sports type)

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