Lace French Thin Cup Underwear

Lace French Thin Cup Underwear

Product Details

product name:Lace French Thin Cup Underwear

Product advantages:Skin-friendly and comfortable, with natural wrapping on top to better protect the safety of the chest. The cotton pad inside is thin but not leaking, comfortable and not sultry, light and no pressure, giving you zero feeling. 0010010 nbsp;

Style customization:Can be customized by drawing / contracting materials / one-stop service

0010010 nbsp;

Lace French thin cup underwear features:

1, 2 MM thin cup, light and breathable, with a small amount of display;

2, Vest type without buckle, easy to put on and take off and more beautiful;

3, lace decoration, with mesh jacket is not embarrassing!

A high-quality underwear of the OEM custom underwear manufacturer must have details to be found. This triangle cup underwear is pure white, very elegant, and delicate and visible applique lace, like it is talking about the gorgeous Rococo style of grace .

It can be worn with lace-up shirts and various deep V-tops, etc., which can make the bralette feel looming, and it can also elongate the neck line, which is more attractive. The provocative triangle cups are beautiful in size and size.

High-quality lace underwear can solve the problem. It looks lazy and sexy, and it does not look too much. It really looks like home pajamas. Lace is a visual perfume in clothing fabrics and a feminine fragrance in women's clothing. Women and lace are born with an indissoluble bond. So it's perfect to wear it to welcome the summer. With lace underwear, even if you accidentally expose the underwear, you can confidently meet the world.

Lace underwear also gives people light, breathable, soft, beautiful visual effects, elegant and so simple. All kinds of deep V-neck T-shirts or suspenders are perfectly okay with lace underwear. The sheer lace underwear in the perspective outfit is sexy and not inferior, and full of femininity. All kinds of shirts and shirt skirts open the buttons to reveal the edges of the lace underwear. The looming temptation is very advanced.