Black lace thin cup underwear

Black lace thin cup underwear

Product Details

product name:Black lace thin cup underwear

Product advantages:Skin-friendly and comfortable, with natural wrapping on top to better protect the safety of the chest. The cotton pad inside is thin but not leaking, comfortable and not sultry, light and no pressure, giving you zero feeling. 0010010 nbsp;

Style customization:Can be customized by drawing / contracting materials / one-stop service

French women and their laceUnderwear ODM. Compared with Asian underwear that highlights women's cute, well-behaved, and no-gas, and those straight-forward lingerie, French romance has its special tone, no more, no less, just right.

If the most representative of an element of women, the first reaction must be lace. Romantic and beautiful lace can always show the best of women. And when the lace and underwear started to cooperate, it also changed the underwear.

Comfortable underwear lies in precise control of details. Woya clothing underwear adopts a trendy design; the shoulder straps are silky and non-feeling, and the lace design on the chest allows you to have a different kind of exquisite beauty; without the support design, it can still modify the chest shape properly, comfortable and inclusive, let you enjoy Enjoy yourself.

The harmonious unity of simplicity and comfort demonstrates a minimalist attitude to life. The exquisite unsupported triangle cup sets off the sexy and beautiful chest shape, and also allows you to stretch your body anytime, anywhere. The thin belt is connected to the front and middle to increase the stability and reduce the external expansion. There is a good balance between comfort and beauty.

There are many forms of life, but the exquisite attitude of life will not change. To break the routine, we must also stick to ourselves. The modern lady is to be confident, to be the most shining herself.