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Underwear Factory Fast Fashion Underwear Series
- 2020-05-12-

On a hot summer day, light and cool clothes have become the first choice for beautiful women to go out, but if you pay little attention and wear the wrong underwear, it is embarrassing capital.
If you want to dress yourself up from the inside out, the underwear processing factory fast fashion underwear series is cool and sexy, simple and comfortable, and the basic design is simple and comfortable. It is your best choice.

Woya Fashion Fast Fashion Underwear Series
Comfortable and soft at the same time create a good wearing effect, simple glossy, deep V, beautiful back shoulder strap, a variety of fashionable wild elements together. "Zero oppression, zero cumbersomeness, and zero thickness", easy to wear and wear makes you no longer embarrassed in summer. Several advantages of this type of underwear: wearing thin, tight clothes, it can be perfectly invisible; one will not show an embarrassing underwear silhouette, two have chest pads, no bumps, versatile and comfortable color This kind of clothes is comfortable enough to make you forget its existence.

  01, half-piece mold cup circumference without steel ring

  02, without steel ring, medium-thick tube top mold cup circumference

  03, thin mold cup circumference

The warm sunshine, fresh air, the camera and comfortable and free underwear are prepared, so that you can wear the right clothes and the right shape in a right place. I wonder if it will impress your heart?