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Analysis of the difference between garment customization in underwear factories
- 2020-04-14-

"You will often see the high-level custom underwear factory, high-level customization, "advanced customization" in the end is what is the concept, a small amount of production, high price can be called advanced customization?"
Answer: NO!"

Ready-to-wear, haute co-clothes, and high-end customization are very different. Not all a few people's small workshop, a treasure studio, can call themselves advanced custom studio.
Ready-to-wear: Ready-to-wear English is apparel, is the processing plant mass assembly line production of clothing, size is also in accordance with the size of the general S.M.L.XL, the approximate version, such as T-shirt, sweater, down jacket these pair and size planning less refined style types.

High-end ready-to-wear
High-end ready-to-wear: high-end ready-to-wear, many major international brands have their own independent high-end ready-to-wear series, high-end ready-to-wear and ready-to-wear is different, it began to pay attention to the designer's style, brand concept, and size changes, compared to the average code or S.M.L.XL these common size, high-end ready-to-wear began to appear three-ring requirements, a wider range of sizes, more fine version. Fabrics are more elaborate than ready-to-wear.

Advanced customization
Premium Customization: Premium Custom English is haute couture, where the word couture usually appears, all with luxury, upscale, sophisticated, unique. Whether it's a dress or a fashion, everyone likes to name their company after the name . . . couture. Is that a crown, it's advanced customization?
Not necessarily, it's possible that it's just a high-end ready-to-wear. The biggest difference between premium customization and haute couture is that it's tailor-made. Tailor-made does not mean that you can't mass production, and the same thing, just producing one doesn't mean it's advanced customization.

Tailor-made means that according to your size ratio, your needs, to make you the clothes you want. A bit like the old Shanghai red tailor (gang tailor), red tailor is not any tailor can give their own name. It represents a symbol of the inheritance and identity of the technology of the times. Advanced customization, because it is tailor-made, so at the beginning for the customer requirements of the size is very strict, especially because the fabric is usually relatively soft, for close to this requirement is more stringent.

A good customization, the requirement is that the guest put the finished product on the body, to achieve a perfect fit. A casual error of less than half an inch can lead to a disapproving post of clothes. So advanced customization for process and technology, the requirements are very high. Body underwear customization in the design and production process, there are many times to confirm and modify, because to achieve a perfect fit with customer requirements, the design is randomly modified is possible, which is why the cost of high-grade custom finished products is very high, not only the cost of cost, but also in the communication and adjustment time, repeated modification and testing, the energy and technology consumed. And most of the advanced customization is purely hand-made, so it can not be produced in large quantities, which is the most important reason for the high cost.