Fashion underwear customization

Fashion underwear customization

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Woya clothing materials selection considerations

Because underwear directly touches the skin, the materials must be selected very carefully, usually from the presence of harmful ingredients, hygroscopicity, antistatic properties, skin touch, dye fastness to washing and washing (color fastness), elasticity of the fabric , Strength and other aspects of underwear factories to consider.

Since natural fibers are superior to chemical fibers in terms of hygroscopicity, skin feel, and antistatic properties, and because knitted fabrics are superior to woven fabrics in elasticity, natural fiber knitted fabrics are often used for underwear lining fabrics. In order to increase the elasticity of fabrics, usually High-stretch cloth lined with spandex.

Harmful ingredients mainly refer to the harmful chemicals remaining in the fabric during the dyeing process, and are easily absorbed by the skin during wearing; hygroscopicity mainly refers to whether the human body can be effectively absorbed after sweating, and it is easy to stay in a state of poor moisture absorption for a long time. Causes bacterial infections; poor antistatic properties and poor skin touch, which will make you feel uncomfortable during wearing; dye fastness to perspiration and washing is not good, it is easy to cause the dye molecules to fall off or even be absorbed by the skin during wearing Causes disease; the elasticity and strength of the fabric affect its comfort and durability.

Adhesive cloth is to stick the cloth and sponge together with adhesive. The surface of the cloth after adhesion must be flat, and adhesives and solvents that are harmful to the human body, such as adhesives containing formaldehyde and acetone, etc., cannot be used during the adhesive bonding process. Residual in clothing will affect human health.

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Design of cutting process of Woya clothing

Generally, typesetting is followed by cutting. In the typesetting, pay attention to the texture of the fabric and arrange it reasonably according to its performance. If the grain direction of the left and right pieces is inconsistent, the elasticity of the left and right back pieces of the finished product will be different. When wearing, you will find that the two sides are different in elasticity; during the sewing process, they will also have different sizes and affect the appearance.

Shoulder straps and shoulder straps are generally cut first by cutting a long shoulder strap to a certain length as required, and then putting on the shoulder strap buckle and sewing it with a single-needle zigzag sewing machine; or using a barbed stitching machine; the invisible shoulder The use of the belt must ensure that it has considerable elasticity and sufficient strength to prevent breakage. At the same time, pay attention to the selection of appropriate needles during the sewing process to prevent the elastic thread from sticking out.

Attention of Woya clothing sewing combination

Fix the two outer bowl cloths with a single-needle lock stitch flat car according to the arc, and the general seam allowance is 0. 5 cm. Cover the thread of the middle bowl, pull out the sewn pieces of cloth in a series with a special presser foot, and then fix it with a double needle lock sewing machine. This process requires that the tension of the double needle upper thread and the bobbin thread is moderate and does not affect the appearance.

The sponge cutting piece is sewed with a single needle four-point zigzag sewing machine, and the sponge is fixed on both sides with cloth strips. The bonding between the sponge sheet and the sheet must be tight, and the operator should sew along the curvature of the sponge sheet when sewing. And the tension of the upper thread and the lower thread should be consistent, and the tightness is moderate. Otherwise, the three-dimensional appearance of the sponge bowl made out of sewing is poor.

Fix the inner bowl of the sponge and the outer bowl of the cloth with a single-needle lockstitch machine. The stitches in the inner and outer bowls must be aligned, otherwise the bowl will be deformed and affect the appearance. The upper spine heart is to fold the spine heart piece in half and trim it with a three-thread overlock machine. Lace is combined with the upper ridge center. Use a single needle herringbone stitch sewing machine to fix the ridge center and the lace. The straight edge of the lace must be aligned at the sewing bowl. The ridge center is only fixed to the lace. Lace edges.