Translucent black adjustable underwear

Translucent black adjustable underwear

Product Details

product name:Translucent black adjustable underwear

product material:Coffee factor fabric, milk fiber, Lycra fabric

Product advantages:Better and more comfortable, optimize the effect of body shape. Body underwear is more complicated in structure, proportion of face accessories, tailoring, combination and use. Some special materials such as special element fabrics, memory alloys and fasteners are also more frequent There are also unique requirements in use and maintenance.

Style customization:Can be customized by drawing / contracting materials / one-stop service

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Woya underwear factory semi-transparent black adjustable underwear main application material isMilk fiber, Mesh of different sizes and patternsMilk fiberThe fabric, combined with the fashionable design, gives a hazy sense of mystery and can perfectly reflect the curvaceous beauty of women.

Fabric advantages:

Nylon and polyester are more commonly used fabrics in traditional underwear manufacturing, but in summary, its moisture absorption and permeability are not ideal, and dyeing and high temperature resistance are also unstable. In recent years, new research has developed transparent underwear made of milk protein fiber.

Milk protein fiber: to make care more romantic, the underwear uses internationally friendly and comfortable milk protein fiber material, and its quality indicators can be comparable to cashmere. Milk protein fiber has the top comfort, moisture absorption and heat absorption and heat dissipation has become the first choice of underwear materials.

The impeccable comfort milk protein fiber has a cashmere-like feel, but its monofilament fineness is lighter and the specific gravity is lighter. The elongation at break, curl elasticity, and curl recovery rate are closest to cashmere and wool, and the fiber is bulky and soft. Soft, comfortable and slippery like cashmere; white fibers, silky natural luster, elegant appearance, anti-sun fastness, anti-sweat fastness to 3 ~ 4 level.

The flawless moisture-absorbing and moisture-conducting milk protein fiber is irregularly round in cross-section. The cross-section is covered with voids and there are many grooves in the longitudinal direction. Protein molecules are distributed on the surface of the fiber. Absorbs human sweat and quickly introduces into the air through the grooves to distribute, so that the human skin is always kept dry, and the anti-pilling and pilling properties reach 3 ~ 4 level.

The transparent and smooth endothermic and exothermic fiber's three-dimensional porous structure and the groove structure on the longitudinal surface determine the fiber's warmth in winter and coolness in summer: it is made into a thin fabric in summer and can quickly absorb the moisture and sweat emitted by the skin. And quickly spread into the air to keep the skin dry and breathable; made of thick fabrics in winter, micropores absorb the heat emitted by the body, effectively block the air circulation, prevent the intrusion of cold air, light and warm.