Adjustable underwear customization

Adjustable underwear customization

Product Details

product name:Adjustable underwear customization

product material:Coffee factor fabric, milk fiber, Lycra fabric

Product advantages:Adjusting and correcting underwear uses the principle of fat fluidity to design a special underwear style, lock fat in the target breast, and achieve the effect of breast enhancement through a certain period of time

Style customization:Can be customized by drawing / contracting materials / one-stop service

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AdjustableBodysuit OEMUsing the principle of fat fluidity, a special underwear style is designed to lock the fat in the target breast and achieve the effect of breast enhancement through a certain period of time. In order to achieve the effect of breast enhancement, women must have a healthy body and available fat. Some women can even stimulate certain points through massage to make breasts develop and plump.

Adjustable underwear, also known as heavy-duty underwear, creates beautiful postures through the principle of fat displacement, and is divided into the following types:

1. Adjustable bra: used to modify the chest curve, prevent breast expansion and sagging, make the chest plump and present a charming cleavage.

2. Girdle (waist seal): Girdle can raise the waist position, control the accumulation of fat in stomach and abdomen, and create a beautiful waist curve.

3. Bundle pants: used to raise and create a round hip shape, while suppressing the protrusion of the abdomen, long bundle pants can also tighten thigh fat, modify the curve of the buttocks and thighs.

4. Long chest, waist and abdomen underwear: This kind of underwear can adjust the curve of the chest, waist and abdomen at the same time.

5. Siamese underwear: from the chest to the buttocks, it can prevent the hunchback and correct the posture in addition to the curves of the various parts of the sculpture.

Material: It mainly emphasizes wearing comfort, elasticity and bundleness, and has low requirements on appearance. The use of elastic lace and fabric makes the new generation of adjustable underwear have the advantages of breathability, lightness and thinness, evenly distributes the binding force of the underwear, and reduces the side effects of squeezing the fat.

Styles: Pay attention to tolerance, the bra is half and three quarters are rare, and full cups are more common.