Adjustable underwear customization

Adjustable underwear customization

Product Details

product name:High endBody underwear customization

product material:Coffee factor fabric, milk fiber, Lycra fabric

Product advantages:Adjusting and correcting underwear uses the principle of fat fluidity to design a special underwear style, lock fat in the target breast, and achieve the effect of breast enhancement through a certain period of time

Style customization:Can be customized by drawing / contracting materials / one-stop service

The majority of women's breasts are composed of free fat. Adjust the modified underwear to use the principle of fat fluidity to design a special underwear style, lock the fat in the target breast, and achieve the effect of breast enhancement through a certain time. In order to achieve the effect of breast enhancement, women must have a healthy body and available fat. Some women can even stimulate certain points through massage to make breasts develop and plump.

There are no natural clothes hangers in the world, and almost everyone has troubles with their bodies. People who are full, bloated, thin and flat need to adjust with external force. Moreover, our measurements are affected by the aging of muscle tissue and gravity, and there will be elastic fatigue and sagging with age. The most obvious change is the sagging of the breasts and hips, and the relaxation of the muscles of the waist and abdomen; among them, the sagging of the breasts of women is the most serious (the average is about 20 degrees every ten years). Therefore, the adjustment underwear is particularly important.

Perfect body

Adjustable underwear uses elastic materials to burn excess fat by natural movement of the body, and then pressurizes and moves to the breast and buttocks by the principle of fat movement to modify the perfect curve. For those who are thin and flat, it is more necessary to use the principle of fat migration to wrap the fat in the armpits, back, and lower abdomen around the chest, and to lift and fix the fat at the base of the thigh and the outside to the buttocks, creating a delicate Chic figure.

Normal development

In addition, choosing the right underwear, for young girls in development, can not only guide the growth of the body correctly, so as to create a beautiful chest shape, but also protect the normal development of the skeleton to a certain extent, and Prevent bending of the skeleton.

prevent disease

In general, the main content of chest underwear wearing health care is to wear the right underwear and wear the right time. Although the underwear can not be worn, it can not be worn all day and night, you can take it off to the chest when sleeping at night A time to breathe freely.

1 Appropriately wear underwear-some young girls often do not wear underwear, think that the chest has not grown, so it is not necessary to wear underwear. In fact, I was wrong. If you don't wear underwear for a long time, not only will your chest sag easily, but you will also be vulnerable to external damage. As long as the underwear is worn properly, it will not affect the development of the chest.

2, choose the appropriate underwear-wear it must not have a sense of depression, not too small, should choose the model that can cover all the outer edges of the chest, the shoulder strap of the underwear should not be too loose or too tight, its material It should be an elastic band that can be slightly elastic, and the protruding parts of the underwear are in a moderate distance, not too far or too close. You must also pay attention when choosing the adjustment underwear.