Lace thin cup underwear custom

Lace thin cup underwear custom

Product Details

product name:Black lace underwear custom

Product advantages:Skin-friendly and comfortable, with natural wrapping on top to better protect the safety of the chest. The cotton pad inside is thin but not leaking, comfortable and not sultry, light and no pressure, giving you zero feeling. 0010010 nbsp;

Style customization:Can be customized by drawing / contracting materials / one-stop service

Women's beauty can be many yuan, but whether it is a confident and stable working woman or a young girl full of vitality, you can't do without a comfortable and practical underwear to do gentle protection.

On the occasion of spring and summer, the most practical wear is the basic base bra. Woya underwear factory This underwear is available in two colors, rose red and black, to meet your different occasions in different colors. The sexy lace design allows you to experience the smoothness of light clothes and thin shoes, even in the high temperature of the summer, it will not become your burden. The cup is covered with exquisite stretch lace fabric, delicate and transparent, elegant and sexy.

The sensuality and elegance of a woman must be defined by herself. No matter when and where, wearing a comfortable comfortable underwear is exactly the sense of ritual of your exquisite life. Woya clothing underwear, bring you a unique light and smooth experience. Set off a new aesthetic trend in the underwear world and make you fall in love with charming yourself.

How to wear

1. Pass the arm through the shoulder strap and place the shoulder strap on the shoulder. Using both hands to support the lower circumference of the bra, lean forward slightly and hold the breast tightly in the cup.

2, standing upright. Move your hands to the back and fasten the bra. Adjust the shoulder strap to a comfortable position and a moderate length and avoid the bra tightly holding the skin.

3, adjust the shoulder strap to a comfortable position and a moderate length and avoid the bra tightly holding the skin.

4, let the body lean forward slightly. Push the excess fat on the inner back and underarms of the arms to the breasts and fit snugly in the cup.

5, standing upright. Use clean hands to adjust and ensure that the nipple is in the center of the cup.

6. Pull the shoulder straps up and down to firm the breasts. Adjust the tie to achieve a comfortable position.

7, readjust and ensure that your bra straps surround the body torso in equal positions.

8. Standing upright. Make the last adjustment again to ensure that the breast fits snugly against the cup.