Lace thin cup underwear with front buckle

Lace thin cup underwear with front buckle

Product Details

product name:Lace thin cup underwear with front buckle

Product advantages:Skin-friendly and comfortable, with natural wrapping on top to better protect the safety of the chest. The cotton pad inside is thin but not leaking, comfortable and not sultry, light and no pressure, giving you zero feeling. 0010010 nbsp;

Style customization:Can be customized by drawing / contracting materials / one-stop service

The design of the front buckle bra wraps the chest forward, which is better for gathering the chest expansion type, and the general chest shape is also good for the cleavage. If so, very sexy! The front buckle bra is a front buckle, so it is more convenient to put on and take off.

The button of the front button underwear is in the middle of the chest, and there is only one button. Therefore, the advantages of the front buckle underwear are mainly easy to put on and take off, and the front buckle underwear is a deep v design, very sexy; very suitable for girls who want a career.

Front buckle underwear can be divided into two categories: traditional and fashion. The buckles of traditional style front buckle underwear are mostly hook or button type. They are generally suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and older women. It is convenient to put on and take off. The fashionable front buckle underwear is the most worn by young women.

How to wear the front button bra:

1, lean forward, and then put your arms through the shoulder straps.

2. Put the breast completely into the cup.

3, buckle the front buckle, and then push the outer muscles of the cup into the cup.